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The technique is used to treat male pattern baldness is FUE (follicular unit extraction, or sometimes refer to as follicular unit transplantation) is a type of hair transplant surgery. finally involves extracting a bunch of individual hair follicles from a donor Area of the patient, These hair are implanted in the baldness area of the patients[Known as grafts].

In this process, the bunch of follicles – typically between 1 and 4 hair – are extracting under local anesthesia. The extraction procedure utilizes a microsurgical extraction instrument, between 0.6mm and 1.0mm in diameter, to remove the follicles. Microscopic Needle is using for extraction and implantation of grafts. It is completely a Safe Procedure with Assured Results. Hair Transplant Cost is very affordable

How Many Grafts You Need?

Choose your baldness level and Whatsapp your head photographs from 3 angles –  FRONT, TOP, BACK.


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FUE hair transplant can take one long or several smaller setting. The time for an FUE procedure can vary but It depends on the patients’ donor Area. A smaller procedure, where only around 500-600 graft is a need, can be completed in a couple of hours. However, a larger procedure of around 3,500 to 5000 grafts will require a session that stretches over one day. Special needles are using for anesthesia so that the complete procedure remains virtually pain-free. In Addition, Implantation is complete by doctors or strictly under their supervision. Therefore, Don’t Let the Baldness Stress You Anymore.

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